Lebron James, Age, Biography, Height, Net Worth, Family & Facts

Lebron James, Age, Biography, Height, Net Worth, Family & Facts

The Lakers play a game at their home arena, The Staples Center 

The Lakers play a game at their home arena, The Staples Center 


As one of the most recognizable names in the world of sports today, Lebron James is the NBA star of our generation. Having been compared to other basketball legends like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, his performance on the court garners attention and excitement worldwide from fans and non-sports followers alike. Let’s take a look at how the icon got his start.

Born on December 30th, 1984 in Akron, Ohio, James was raised by his mother, Gloria Marie James, who gave birth to her son at the age of 16. Although his childhood was riddled with its own share of struggle and strife, the turning point for James came when he was introduced to the sport of basketball through a coach in the area where he lived. From there on out, a spark was born that eventually manifested itself into a flame, and later, an entire forest fire of talent. Lebron went on to attend high school at St. Vincent-St. Mary’s, already standing at a whopping 6’5’’ feet during his freshman year.

His high school career was met with an unprecedented amount of success, as James broke records with ease and racked up a load of accolades along with becoming the first player to ever appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated before college. It became quite clear that America hadn’t witnessed this type of basketball talent on the high school court; everyone knew that Lebron James was headed straight for the NBA.

At this time in the early 2000s, because there was no age requirement to enter the league, James was drafted as a first-round pick in 2003 by the Cleveland Cavaliers. James made that specific draft year one of the most exciting in NBA history, as the world had all eyes on the enthusiastic, gifted athlete entering the professional basketball world at only 18 years of age. Since then, James has played for three other organizations and is currently signed to the LA Lakers. His contribution to LA since 2018 has been invaluable, seeing him recently take home yet another Championship ring this past year. In fact, expert analysts at OddsChecker already list the team as a top NBA Championship Futures winner this season.

Having risen from the humblest of beginnings in Akron, James is now an influential role model for many, proof that stars can be born from whatever circumstances. His hometown’s Main Street is renamed “King James Way” in his honor.

Age, Height, & Weight 

Since Lebron James became a star at an early age, he’s had a pretty long career in the NBA so far compared to others that are also 38. In the basketball world, still playing actively when you have 4 years until 40 is impressive. Although he hasn’t officially spoken about when he will retire, James has said that his time in the NBA is far from over.

Similar to other basketball stars such as Shaquille O’ Neal’s son, Shaqir, who stands at 6 foot 6 at just 17 years old, Lebron James has been known for his height since he was in high school. Currently, he is 6 foot 9, a fairly good height in terms of NBA standards seeing as the league’s average player is listed at 6 foot 7. The power forward’s height is a huge factor that makes him one of the best athletes in basketball. Currently he weighs 250 pounds which is, surprisingly, 34 pounds over the NBA average.

A fan dons Lebron’s number, 23, while cruising the streets of LA 

A fan dons Lebron’s number, 23, while cruising the streets of LA 

Personal Life & Relationships

Unlike many other celebrities whose relationships have high divorce rates, Lebron James has remained married for over 7 years since his wedding in 2013 to high school sweetheart, Savannah Brinson. The pair fell in love long ago when they were just teenagers, before James became a multi-millionaire basketball icon, which further proves their unique bond. Together the couple have two sons, Bronny James and Bryce Maximus James, and one daughter, Zhuri James.

James currently lives in Brentwood, California in a huge mansion estate that is said to cost over $30 million. His home near Los Angeles represents his massive wealth, bringing us to our next point: his unbelievable net worth.

Net Worth 

With an annual salary of $37.5 million and $55 million coming from endorsements, Lebron James’ net worth in 2023 was estimated to be 1 billion USD. With top sponsorships from big brands like McDonalds’s, Sprite, Samsung, State Farm Insurance, and many more, James is one of the highest paid players in his sport.

However, despite how much the star makes every year, he has been known to donate to many charitable organizations and even has his own called the Lebron James Family Foundation, which he founded. The charity puts money back into his former hometown of Akron, providing students with programs, support, and mentors with an aim to support the low-income community. James gives over one million of his earnings to this cause each year.

James has also been known to use his position to lobby for people whose voices are struggling to be heard. Most recently during the 2020 presidential election, James and other NBA players formed a group entitled “More than a Vote,” in which their aim was to raise more awareness around voting amongst young people, specifically fighting for the voting rights of those in the black community. As they gathered together and used their platform to make a change, they were able to help open more voting locations throughout the country in big settings like basketball courts and other athletic stadiums.

These large sites made it easier for bigger groups of people to vote on the same day with shorter lines. The increase in traffic also required more volunteers to help out in the process and, as such, the movement recruited thousands of poll workers to assist on and before election day. All of these things made the process that much easier for people to exercise their constitutional right to vote on November 3rd. James also donated thousands of dollars to different Florida programs which help to provide voting registration means and opportunities for ex-prisoners in the Sunshine State.

Throughout his career, Lebron James has been known not only as an extremely gifted athlete, but also a charitable philanthropist, clearly shown through his words and actions. One thing’s for certain: the basketball player is a well-rounded star, serving others on and off the court.