Marilyn Monroe House Declared as a Cultural Landmark and Won’t be Demolished

Marilyn Monroe House Cultural Landmark and Won't be Demolished

Last updated on June 28th, 2024 at 03:39 am

Marilyn Monroe sole home at 12305 West 5th Helena Drive Brentwood, Los Angeles, the one she bought in 1962 has been legally declared as a Cultural landmark and thus erasing the possibility of it getting demolished at any time.

Sadly, only after the six months after the house purchase, Marilyn Monroe tragically passed away in what was ruled as a drug overdose.

It all began when the building owner Glory of the Snow Trust back in September 2023 obtained the permit to demolish the house. The council suspended the permit temporarily to further investigate.

According to reports, Roy Bank Tv Producer and Brinah Milstein a real estate heiress bought the house in 2023 in $8.35 million to enlarge their own next door home. They sued the city in May to demolish the house. The attempt of the couple was unsuccessful, and they were profoundly unhappy with the decision and consequently accused the officials of preserving the site that is unworthy of historic preservation.

On Wednesday, Los Angeles City Council approved the historical cultural monument nomination of Marilyn’s house. The city councilman Traci Park was filled with exuberant happiness as she led the committee.

According to Entertainment Weekly Traci Park put it this way: “To lose this piece of history, the only home that Monroe ever owned, would be a devastating blow for historic preservation and for a city where less than 3 percent of historic designations are associated with women’s heritage.”

Marilyn Monroe House

She goes further on and said the city council members should have designated the house a historic cultural monument six decades ago.

Marilyn Monroe has been passed 61 years ago, but the interest in celebrity remains still extremely high due to her iconic style and distinguished career as an actress. In the 1950s, she was extremely famous all across America and the world, best known for her “blonde bombshell” roles.

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